Journaling Krazy Island™ Style 2016 - Claudia

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These are all of my lessons from JKIS2016. This is from a course of Journaling Krazy Island Style from a previous year and is a self-paced course. Although the course is not currently active, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need help with any of the lessons. Please look for me in the current years' JKIS course for current, active lessons. Enjoy!

Claudia  Rossi
Claudia Rossi
Instructor / Creator of Krazy Island Studios/University
Technically a 'self-taught' artist, I acquired my skills through many online workshops and courses, as well as self-study in many varied art books. I am happiest in my studio, spending quality time with my family, or curled up with a good book. My art embodies the joy I find in everyday life - family, friends, and home. Because it doesn't take much to make me happy, a playful freedom comes through in my art and art journals. I love girly things like butterflies, fairies, anything pink and (especially) glitter! Teaching others how to apply the techniques I use and trying new things together in my art journals is the greatest 'job' in the world. My latest commission made it all the way to Greece from my California studio. You can see examples of my art in my Etsy Shop, like me on Facebook, join my Facebook Group, watch my free videos on YouTube, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Course Curriculum

Wk10 - What Makes You Empowered - Claudia
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Wk19 - The Human Form Paint/Shade
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Wk31 - Adventure Starts at Home - Claudia
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