Course Description

This year in Journaling Krazy Island Style, I will be your instructor for every lesson. I will show you start-to-finish how I create my journal pages. You can then create your own interpretation of the page or copy it exactly. Especially if you are newer to art journaling, or art making in general, I encourage you to recreate the lessons to help you learn the techniques and then move on to mixing them up in your own style. If you are a seasoned art journaler, sometimes recreating the lesson is a challenge all its' own. I work hard to make sure JKIS will be fun and informative to those at all stages of their artistic journeys. I provide a list of suggested materials to have on hand when starting the course, but don't worry if you don't have every single product. I will suggest substitutions as often as I can and as always I encourage you to "use what you have".

You will learn how to use different mediums like watercolor, markers, water-soluble crayons and pencils, stamps, acrylics, inks, sprays and more. I will show you techniques that you can use to create pages just like mine plus build upon them to grow in your own art making adventure. I will be working in both large and small journals this year, mixing it up a bit. So, what will you get each month? You will get 50 weeks of content following the schedule below:

1st of Every Month

  • Newsletter style PDF containing the theme for the month, my musings and thoughts on the theme, why I chose it and what I hope we get out of our practice during the month. The newsletter will also include some of my favorite quotes and power words that go along with the theme, possibly a challenge to use certain colors or mediums that month, room for notes and possibly page planning

1st Sunday of Every Month

  • Full length art journal lesson in a larger art journal
  • Materials List with substitutions added
  • My updated Amazon store to help you find materials I use

2nd Sunday of Every Month

  • Inspiration Stick 10 prompt challenge PDF with instructions
  • Occasional time-lapse video of my challenge journal page

3rd Sunday of Every Month

  • Full length art journal lesson in a smaller art journal
  • Materials List with substitutions added
  • My updated Amazon store to help you find materials I use

4th Sunday of Every Month

  • Writing prompt (I am encouraging a writing practice for us this year)
  • Vlog (or written) ramblings / wrap-up of how my month has gone, what challenges or successes I've had in my art practice, and anything else I feel like sharing with you.

5th Sunday of the Month (if applies)

  • I'm leaving this up-in-the-air so that I can have the freedom to choose anything that I think might be fun for us to do together, but you will get something on these weeks

There is also a Facebook group specifically for members of JKIS where you can interact with other students, post photos of your work, see photos of other student's work, and get specific help and attention from your instructor. I want to be there for you and the Facebook group is a great place to post questions about lessons and get individual help. If you are not a member of Facebook, I will be available by email at I will do everything I can to help you along the way as you create, have fun, and grow as an artist!

Instructor / Creator of Krazy Island Studios/University

Claudia Rossi

Technically a 'self-taught' artist, I acquired my skills through many online workshops and courses, as well as self-study in many varied art books. I am happiest in my studio, spending quality time with my family, or curled up with a good book. My art embodies the joy I find in everyday life - family, friends, and home. Because it doesn't take much to make me happy, a playful freedom comes through in my art and art journals. I love girly things like butterflies, fairies, anything pink and (especially) glitter! Teaching others how to apply the techniques I use and trying new things together in my art journals is the greatest 'job' in the world. My latest commission made it all the way to Greece from my California studio. You can see examples of my art in my Etsy Shop, like me on Facebook, join my Facebook Group, watch my free videos on YouTube, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

  • 3

    January Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 4

    Wk1 - Dreamer

    • Materials List

    • Intro

    • Dreamer Pt1

    • Dreamer Pt2

    • Dreamer Pt3

    • Dreamer Pt4

    • Dreamer Pt5

    • Dreamer Pt6

    • Dreamer Pt7

    • Dreamer Pt8

    • Sketch - full

    • Sketch - close up of face

    • Sketch - close up of crown

    • Sketch - close up of butterfly

  • 5

    Wk2 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • How does the Inspiration Stick Challenge work?

    • Inspiration Stick Prompt List

    • Speed-thru Video

  • 6

    Wk3 - Dream Big

    • Materials List

    • Dream Big Pt1

    • Dream Big Pt2

    • Dream Big Pt3

    • Pic of Finished Page

  • 7

    Wk4 - Writing Prompt

    • Writing Prompt PDF

    • A Little Chat About Planning For Our Dreams

    • JKIS2017 Wk5 Bonus Pt1

    • JKIS2017 Wk5 Bonus Pt2

  • 8

    Wk5 - Bonus Video

    • Materials List

    • Bonus Pt1

    • Bonus Pt2

    • Finished Page

  • 9

    January Wrap-Up

    • January Wrap-Up Chat

  • 10

    February Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 11

    Wk6 - Spread Your Wings

    • JKIS2017 Wk6 - Spread Your Wings Pt1

    • JKIS2017 Wk6 - Spread Your Wings Pt2

    • JKIS2017 Wk6 - Spread Your Wings Pt3

    • JKIS2017 Wk6 - Spread Your Wings Pt4

    • JKIS2017 Wk6 - Spread Your Wings Pt5

    • JKIS2017 Wk6 - Spread Your Wings Pt6

  • 12

    Wk7 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • Inspiration Stick Prompt List

    • Time-lapse Video w/ Chat

  • 13

    Wk8 - Stand Out

    • Stand Out Pt1

    • Stand Out Pt2

    • Stand Out Pt3

    • Materials List

  • 14

    Wk9 - Writing Prompt

    • Writing Prompt

    • A Note About This Writing Prompt

  • 15

    February Wrap-Up

    • February Wrap-up Chat

  • 16

    March Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 17

    Wk10 - Let It Go

    • Let It Go Pt1

    • Let It Go Pt2

    • Let It Go Pt3

    • Let It Go Pt4

    • Let It Go Pt5

    • Let It Go Pt6

    • Materials List

  • 18

    Wk11 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • Just a note

    • JKIS2017 Wk11 Insp Stick Challenge

    • Time-lapse Video

  • 19

    Wk12 - Letting Go of Inhibitions

    • Letting Go of Inhibitions Pt1

    • Letting Go of Inhibitions Pt2

    • Letting Go of Inhibitions Pt3

    • Letting Go of Inhibitions Pt4

    • Letting Go of Inhibitions Pt5

    • Letting Go of Inhibitions Pt6

    • PDF 1

    • PDF 2

    • Materials List

  • 20

    Wk13 - Writing Prompt

    • Writing Prompt Notes

    • Writing Prompt

  • 21

    March Wrap-Up

    • March Wrap-Up Chat

  • 22

    April Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 23

    Wk14 - Be Yourself

    • JKIS2017 Wk14 Be Yourself Pt1

    • JKIS2017 Wk14 Be Yourself Pt2

    • JKIS2017 Wk14 Be Yourself Pt3

    • JKIS2017 Wk14 Be Yourself Pt4

    • Materials List

  • 24

    Wk15 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • Time-lapse Video

  • 25

    Wk16 - Let Your Freak Flag Fly

    • Freak Flag Intro

    • Freak Flag Pt1

    • Freak Flag Pt2

    • Freak Flag Pt3

    • Materials List

    • PDF1

    • PDF2

    • PDF3

    • PDF4

    • PDF5

    • PDF6

  • 26

    Wk17 - Writing Prompt

    • Note about the prompt

    • Writing Prompt

  • 27

    Wk18 - Bonus Video

    • Creative Rituals/Habits Chat

    • Bonus Video Pt1

    • Bonus Video Pt2

  • 28

    May Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 29

    Wk19 - Bold and Beautiful

    • JKIS2017 Wk19 Bold and Beautiful Pt1

    • JKIS2017 Wk19 Bold and Beautiful Pt2

    • JKIS2017 Wk19 Bold and Beautiful Pt3

    • Materials List

  • 30

    Wk20 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • JKIS2017 Wk20 Insp Stick

  • 31

    Wk21 - Boldly Intuitive

    • Boldly Intuitive Pt1

    • Boldly Intuitive Pt2

    • Boldly Intuitive Pt3

    • Materials List

  • 32

    Wk22 - Writing Prompt

    • Note about the Prompt

    • Writing Prompt

  • 33

    May Wrap Up

    • May Wrap Up

  • 34

    June Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 35

    Wk23 - Mad as a Hatter

    • Mad as a Hatter Pt1

    • Mad as a Hatter Pt2

    • Mad as a Hatter Pt3

    • Mad as a Hatter Pt4

    • Mad as a Hatter Pt5

    • Materials List

  • 36

    Wk24 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • Inspiration Stick Video

  • 37

    Wk25 - Wildflower

    • Materials List

    • Wildflower Pt.1

    • Wildflower Pt.2

  • 38

    Wk26 Writing Prompt

    • What would your wonderland look like?

  • 39

    July Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 40

    Wk27 - Beautiful Chaos

    • Beautiful Chaos Pt1

    • Beautiful Chaos Pt2

    • Materials List

  • 41

    Wk28 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • Prompt List

    • Inspiration Stick Page

  • 42

    Wk29 - Beautiful Chaos No.2

    • Beautiful Chaos No.2 - Pt1

    • Beautiful Chaos No.2 - Pt2

    • Materials List

  • 43

    Wk30 - Writing Prompt

    • Where do you find beauty in chaos?

  • 44

    Wk31 - Bonus Video

    • Bonus Video

  • 45

    August Newsletter

    • Newsletter

  • 46

    Wk32 - Find Peace

    • Find Peace Pt1

    • Find Peace Pt2

    • Find Peace Pt3

    • Materials List

  • 47

    Wk33 - Inspiration Stick Challenge

    • Inspiration Stick Page

    • Prompt List

  • 48

    Wk34 - Making Space

    • Making Space

    • Materials List

  • 49

    Wk35 - Writing Prompt

    • Where do I need 'white space'?

  • 50

    Coupon Code

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