Course Description

This course will show you how to create your own Mixed Media Reference Book that you can use while creating all of your mixed media art or art journal pages. Part inventory, part experiments and tests, it is a valuable tool that no mixed media artist should be without. You will get to see how each of the three instructors put their books together and what categories are most important to us. This will provide you with tons of ideas on how you will want your book to look. We also provide you will lots of templates and charts to help you put your book together quickly and get back to creating amazing art!


Claudia Rossi, Gina Ahrens, Peta Thompson

Hi, I'm Claudia...Technically a 'self-taught' artist, I acquired my skills through many online workshops and courses, as well as self-study in many varied art books. I am happiest in my studio, spending quality time with my family, or curled up with a good book. My art embodies the joy I find in everyday life - family, friends, and home. Because it doesn't take much to make me happy, a playful freedom comes through in my art and art journals. I love girly things like butterflies, fairies, anything pink and (especially) glitter! Teaching others how to apply the techniques I use and trying new things together in my art journals is the greatest 'job' in the world. My latest commission made it all the way to Greece from my California studio. You can see examples of my art in my Etsy Shop, like me on Facebook, join my Facebook Group, watch my free videos on YouTube, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.Hi, I'm Gina...I started making things at a young age with my Mother, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers. They all crafted. Some were dress makers, others did needlework. I learned embroidery, crochet, sewing, cooking and more from as far back as I can remember. I love to create things. My mind is always thinking up new ideas for new projects. People are amazed at the things I come up with, but hopefully in a good way. I remember my Dad’s Mom, Jenny Bronzini, sitting with me one day at her house to teach me something new. I wanted to learn to crochet. She said I had to do it the old way then. First I had to hem the linen handkerchief by hand. Then once that was done she would show me how to crochet lace around the edge. I did not want to sit still for that and wondered why I couldn't take a shortcut. I still love a good shortcut. I love to take unusual things, change them up and make them into something beautiful. I guess this is now called altered art. Who new? I learned from my family to try to find things I already had and use them for my arts and crafts. That was recycling, again who knew? I have lots of memories like those of crafting with family and friends. I am a high school graduate with some college behind me. I am a licensed dispensing optician and formerly owned an award win-ning home daycare business. I love kids they are so open and naturally creative. As an optician I got to make things too. I was the lab tech in the back room making glasses for the patients. Art is in my blood and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Publications and Awards to date:Machine Knitters Source Magazineand The Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild NewsletterHi, I'm Peta...I come from a creative family. We have always been musical and everyone either sang and/or played an instrument. I sing and play guitar. I am a wife and mother of two boys who are the best things that have happened to me! My father is an acclaimed watercolour landscape artist and is very well known in the towns he’s lived in. He jokes that every doctors’ surgery has his paintings in them! I have always been crafty. When I was a teenager I doodled and drew in a diary and covered things in fabric as well as my music. I fell into scrapbooking before it became popular, about 16 years ago. Over the years I have been published, designed papers and taught classes. I also created with fabric and became a quilter. I lovethe texture of fabric and the Naïve style of quilting. When my scrapbook layouts became so intrincate that I lost site of the photo, I became aware there was something missing and looked for another way to be creative. I started at a point where I kind of had a background. Watercolours. As soon as I started, I realised watercolours were very difficult! However I persisted and today just love to paint. I fell into mixed media painting when I was doing a watercolour canvas and suddenly had to desire to add pastels and crackle paint! I didn’t realise this was mixed media but now I will never look back. I am very varied in my artistic tastes, and enjoy a wide variety of art mediums. Art journaling is a natural extension of all these interests and I love that there are no rules exceptcolour and composition when creating any piece of art. I am an avid recycler for things for creating art and don’t believe in wasting anything! I’ll be happy to not need a bin in my studio one day! I have been appointed the creative director of the Jewels conference and my art is being exhibited in the Qld national show this year.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

  • 2

    Flips & Putting Book Together

    • Peta Thompson

    • Claudia Rossi

    • Gina Ahrens

    • Suggested Book Sections

  • 3

    Acrylic Paint

    • Paint Swatches by Gina

    • Paint Tests by Gina

    • Paint Swatches by Claudia

    • Paint Tests by Claudia

    • Specialty Paint Swatches by Claudia

  • 4

    Water Soluble Media

    • Aqua Marker Swatches by Peta

    • Watercolor Swatches by Peta

    • Inktense Blocks Swatches by Claudia

    • Mixed Water Soluble Swatches by Claudia

    • Mixed Water Soluble Tests by Claudia

    • Gelatos Swatches by Peta

    • Gelato Tests by Peta

  • 5

    Acrylic Mediums & Gesso

    • Gesso & Mediums Swatches by Gina

    • Mediums Tests by Claudia

  • 6

    Pencils & Pens

    • Pencils Swatches by Peta

    • Pens with Watercolor Tests by Gina

    • Black & White Pen Tests by Gina

  • 7

    Everything Else

    • Adding New Paints by Peta

    • Ranger Product Swatches by Claudia

    • Dylusion Sprays Swatches & Tests by Claudia

  • 8

    Templates & Color Charts

    • Templates to Copy

    • Color Charts to Print

  • 9


    • Recipes to Print

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